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Baby gifts that Mum and Dad love

Baby gifts that Mum and Dad love

Someone you know is expecting a baby – what kind of present should you give? The parents we interviewed told us what they appreciated receiving when they did their tour of duty.


  1. Gift cards or cash
  2. Everyday wear suitable for hot and humid weather
  3. Clothes that are one to two sizes bigger
  4. Personalized items such as bibs with the baby’s name
  5. Baby bath products
  6. Washcloths
  7. Building blocks
  8. Cloth books
  9. Toys that play music
  10. Coffee and chocolate – for the parents


You can’t go wrong with a gift card but what if you’d like a more personal touch? Six parents of young children share tips on helping others prepare for a new addition to the family.


“Best to ask the new parents as they may have already prepared a lot of the required items!”
- H.C, father of two children aged 7 and 10

“I would first check with the parents what’s needed on a daily basis, perhaps things for the next growth phases such as milk bottles for older toddlers, utensils for feeding, or bigger clothing and shoes.”
- J.N, mother of two children aged 7 and 9


“Everyday wear for Singapore should be comfortable for hot and humid weather. Make sure that the material isn’t too thin – look for something that won’t wear out much after frequent washing. I prefer to get clothes that are easy to wear and take off. They should also be stretchable for movement and growth spurts. I buy things that are one or two sizes bigger as babies outgrow clothes pretty fast.”
- J.N.

“Organic cotton is best. If not, cotton. Does the material smell of chemicals? Is it thick or thin? The baby needs some thin clothing for daywear in Singapore as well as some thicker items. Ideally, the baby would have both functional wear as well as fancy clothes for special occasions.”
- N.D, mother of three children aged 5, 7 and 9

“Clothes without labels or with the labels on the outside for more comfort.”
- S.T, mother of three children aged 2, 6 and 9

“Choose material that makes it easy for stains to be washed out. As for design, avoid embroidered patches that could scratch babies and make them itch. But look out for cute designs that reflect the personality of the baby.”
- Q.Y, mother of two children aged 7 and 9 


“To develop motor skills in young children, I go for building blocks, magnetic tiles and toys to be sorted by shape and colour. To build social skills, I prefer pretend-play sets for children to dress up in different costumes, make up scenarios with food or vehicles or role play as dentists and doctors, for example. I also like toys that play music and encourage children to sing along.”
- J.N.

“Cloth books help to develop the baby’s visual perception and hand-eye coordination. They also aid in bonding when the parents read to the baby. For motor skills, gym mats are also good.”
- Q.Y.

“Cloth book versions of classic children’s titles such as Goodnight Moon, Guess How Much I Love You, and The Hungry Caterpillar. Busy books are good too – the hands-on activities engage the child’s mind and senses.”
- N.D.

“I’d get a range of blocks that can be used to form many different shapes. For social skills, voice recorder toys can help.”
- R.C, father of two children aged 7 and 9


“For safety reasons, I would not place toys in the crib to help a baby sleep. For toddlers, I prefer a bolster or a plushie for cuddles.”
- J.N.

“Musical crib mobiles that entertain babies and encourage them to sleep also give their parents more time to rest. An auto-rocking bassinet can help parents too – they won’t need to carry their baby all the time.”
- R.C. 

“Musical toys that play white noise will soothe a baby and when the baby sleeps, the parents get to rest. I’d buy chicken essence, bird’s nest or Vitamin C for the parents to help them recover from the lack of sleep.”
- S.T, mother of three children aged 2, 6 and 9 


“Diaper hampers, wash cloths and baby bath products are practical gifts for practical mums. I also look out for personalized gifts such as towels, bibs or books with the child’s name. Customized blankets are always nice as they can be used for a long time.”
- Q.Y.

“Presents that can be personalized, for example, a romper or a bib with the baby’s name on it. I also pick things that are used frequently, such as items for bathing and skin care – you could get wet wipes and anti-itch diaper creams. Ultimately, a gift card is best as the parent can use it to get something that has not been bought or needs to be restocked.”
- J.N.

“Get gifts for the parents: good-quality granola and hot chocolate and coffee.”
- N.D.

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