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Laboratoires de Biarritz




Laboratoires de Biarritz (LDB) was founded on the development of certified Organic sunscreen products, made to protect our skin, but also our environment with non-petrochemical, non-polluting, natural ingredients. From research to bottling, all of their dermocosmetic skincare products are 100% Made in France.

LDB’s patented active ingredients come from a red seaweed characteristic of the Basque Coast, Gelidium sesquipedale. High quality, know-how and environmental consciousness are all values close to the heart of LDB.

LDB’s range of highly gentle baby skincare products are total safe from birth. Containing just a few products with simple, yet precise formulas which are refined and minimalistic. The fewer ingredients there are, the safer the product. In this way, skincare products only contain the bare necessities: the ingredients that provide the specific effects of each product (soothing, nourishing, or moisturizing ingredients) and those that provide their exceptionally gentle feel.

The choices made by Research in elaborating the formulas were made to ensure high skin tolerance and safety. Their skincare is certified Organic and contain up to 100% natural origin ingredients. They contain an exclusive ingredient made from Brown Seaweed: Alga-Paisium soothes the fragile skin of the infant and prevents skin irritation. They are hypoallergenic, without added fragrances and alcohol-free. Their skincare is tested under dermatological, ophthalmologist and paediatric supervision.

LDB products are certified Organic according to Ecocert or COSMOS Organic standards, and benefit from the Cosmébio label. Being certified Organic notably demands that at least 95% of ingredients are of natural-origin and at least 20% of the finished product come from Organic Farming (according to the COSMOS standard for cosmetics products marketed since January 1, 2017). LDB goes beyond these requirements because their products contain at least 99.5% natural-origin ingredients and up to 96% of the final product comes from Organic Farming.

Their formulas contain 0% of risky petrochemical ingredients such as parabens, silicones, phenoxyethanol, etc.