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Box of Baby Memories - Hand-drawn Baby Milestone Cards in Keepsake Box


Introducing the Box of Baby Memories from the baby closet 🎉

Make every moment count with our eco-friendly and beautifully crafted Box of Baby Memories. This special set includes 28 double-sided hand-drawn Baby Milestone Cards, carefully made using recycled FSC certified paper. Encased in an exquisite engraved natural wooden Keepsake Box, this collection is both sustainable and stunning.

With the Box of Baby Memories, you have a dedicated space to record and treasure every precious memory from your little one's journey. From the moment they enter the world with the "Hello World" card to the excitement of coming home with the "Welcome home baby" card, and every milestone in between, these thoughtfully designed cards capture it all.

Our Baby Milestone Cards cover significant occasions like "One week old," "Two months old," "My first smile," "Three months old," "My first tooth," "First steps today," and many more. Each card represents a precious memory waiting to be cherished and shared with a section behind each card for you to record your own personal note of the memory.

Not only is the Box of Baby Memories a wonderful gift to welcome a newborn, but it also becomes a treasured keepsake as your child grows. Imagine the joy in their eyes when they turn 21 and discover this timeless collection of memories, reminding them that they were once this small, not so long ago.

At the baby closet, we are committed to sustainability and the responsible use of resources. That's why our Baby Milestone Cards are made with recycled FSC certified paper, and our Keepsake Box is crafted from natural wood. By choosing our Box of Baby Memories, you are contributing to a more organic, sustainable, and beautiful future for our children.

Capture, preserve, and celebrate every precious moment with the Box of Baby Memories, create lasting memories for you and your little one while promoting a greener world for them to grow up in.

Personalise your baby's name / short note of up to 15 characters to be engraved onto the Keepsake Box. (additional charge applies)

If you opt for custom engraving, kindly provide the name or a short note of up to 15 characters that you wish to be engraved onto the Keepsake Box. You can provide this information at the MESSAGE BOX during the ordering process.

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