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High-quality Natural Baby Teethers

Here at the baby closet, we have a curated range of non-toxic, all-natural teething toys for babies and toddlers. No matter if you are looking for a natural wooden teether, a natural rubber teether or silicone teething bracelet in Singapore, our extensive collection promises something for everyone.  

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You can rest assured that all of the baby teethers in our collection are completely safe for your child – with our wooden teethers being made from 100% Beech Wood, and our silicone and rubber teethers being BPA and phthalate free, as well as being 100% non-toxic and food-grade safe!

The majority of newborns begin to have their first tooth peek through between the ages of 6 and 12 months. In some cases, a newborn’s teeth can start developing when they are as early as 3 months old, with a common tell-tale sign being your baby beginning to fuss and gnawing common objects.

During the teething process, your baby may experience discomfort and irritation in their mouths as their tooth breaks through the gum. Though this is part and parcel of life, parents often feel helpless as they seek ways to alleviate their child’s discomfort – after all, the last thing any parent wants is for their child to be in pain.

You may consider giving your child a baby teething toy or bracelet during this time to help relax their gums. Teethers are often made of wood, rubber or silicone and have a soft or firm texture that can assist in easing the discomfort associated with teething. When your child nibbles and rubs his or her gums against a wooden, rubber or silicone teether, he or she is able to get some comfort and relief from the pain they are experiencing from their first teeth peeking through. However, it is vital to choose a teething toy that is safe and non-toxic since your baby will be putting the toy in their mouth.

So, if you are looking for a safe yet effective solution to soothe your baby’s gums, check out our collection of high-quality baby teethers in Singapore today!