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How To Dress Your Baby For Summer

How To Dress Your Baby For Summer

Learn how to dress your little one during those hotter months.

Some important things to keep in mind when dressing your baby in warmer seasons are:
  • Dress using less layers, to avoid overheating the baby
  • Using natural fibres, such as organic cotton, that are breathable and assist in regulating baby's temperature
  • Being sun smart. This may include dressing your little one in a sun hat for added protection.

On a very warm day at home or during the night, you may consider to dress your baby only in their nappy and a traditional singlet. A singlet will provide a nice amount of airflow as there are no buttons, zips, or clips to worry about.

Our Rompers are a perfect option for those Summer days whether you are out and about or at home. Our Rompers feature adjustable straps and snap clips for easy dressing or nappy changes.
Wear our Rompers with a matching sun hat for added sun protection, paired with a basic tee, or wear on its own on those hot days.

Shop our range of Rompers here: https://thebabycloset.sg/collections/baby-rompers-playsuits

It is important to recognise if your little one is too hot or too cold. You can obviously use a thermometer to check the temperature of your baby, but here are some other ways:
  • Feeling the tummy, chest, or back of the neck
  • Look for signs of the baby being hot. Is the baby sweating or do they have flushed cheeks?

Some ways to keep your baby cool in Summer are:
  • Seeking shade wherever possible
  • Ensure your little one is wearing a broad brimmed hat
  • Dress the baby in lightweight and breathable clothing
  • Keep hydrated
  • Using a muslin wrap as shade or sun covering

Source: Content, Videos & Information from Purebaby.

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