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The Ultimate Baby Essential Checklist For New Mums

The Ultimate Baby Essential Checklist For New Mums

Congratulations on becoming a new mum!

After 9 long months of growing your bump, you are finally welcoming the latest addition to your happy family – a precious little one! To say that their arrival is an exciting time is definitely an understatement.

While shopping for your baby can be a great deal of fun, it can also feel a little overwhelming or stressful at times, especially if you aren’t sure where to begin. What are the baby essentials you mustn’t miss? How do you ensure you have everything you need?

Well, no need to fret – we have put together the ultimate baby essential checklist for new mums to help you out!

#1. Sleep essentials

Unsurprisingly, newborn babies spend the majority of the day sleeping. In fact, research has found that infants generally get approximately 14 to 17 hours of sleep each day. With that being said, it is imperative that you get your baby’s sleep essentials nailed down to ensure that they are as safe and comfortable as possible.

An organic muslin swaddle is a must-have for any parent. Your baby will feel safe and secure while adjusting to life outside the womb when you swaddle them. A swaddle will also keep your baby calm by preventing them from flailing their arms and legs, which could trigger their startle reflex. Need more information? Check out our guide on how to swaddle a baby.

Besides swaddles, it’d be great if you invested in some high-quality pacifiers, which can help calm your little one down. Be sure to only get pacifiers that are 100% safe and free of harmful toxins for your baby. After all, they will be putting this in their mouths!

Lastly, soft blankets, crib bedding, baby rattles and mobiles will make for the perfect addition to your little one’s nursery – allowing them to sleep comfortably and snuggly.

#2. Changing essentials

If you are a first-time mum, then changing your baby’s nappy might feel a little daunting – but it doesn’t have it be! We would highly recommend that you invest in an organic changing mat to facilitate a smooth and mess-free diaper changing experience. Choosing a changing mat that is made from safe and organic materials that are kind to your baby’s delicate skin is vital since their bodies will be coming into contact with the mat when you lay them down for changing. For those busy mummies who are always on-the-go, a portable changing mat will come in incredibly handy for changing situations whilst you’re out and about.

Of course, we can’t forget nappies and wipes – changing time just wouldn’t be complete without them! For those who are environmentally conscious, why not consider reusable nappies? Most reusable nappy brands now offer starter kits that are perfect for those who wish to start on your reusable nappy journey.

Check out the baby closet’s range of carefully curated skincare products and wipes that are 100% safe for your child. These products have been made and formulated with organic ingredients that are free of any harmful chemicals – so they’re ideal for everyday use!

#3. Clothing essentials

Arguably one of the most exciting parts about becoming a new mum is undoubtedly shopping for cute little clothes for your baby. However, before you get carried away in your shopping frenzy, it is crucial that you do not miss out on these clothing essentials – body suits, grow suits, socks and mittens.

Body suits and grow suits will make your life as a parent a million times easier since they’re so easy to put on and take off. Plus, they provide unparalleled comfort for your baby and look irresistibly adorable! Socks and mittens keep your baby warm and cosy and help to prevent them from scratching themselves. You may get grow suits and socks or mittens separately, or grow suits with in-built feet and optional turn-over mittens – these will certainly prove to be the easiest when it comes to dressing your baby.

#4. Playtime essentials

When your baby gets a little older and isn’t sleeping for a vast majority of the day, getting them a natural rubber teether, cuddly toy or rattle will keep them entertained, help them develop fine motor skills and cope with the discomfort from the teething process.

Your little ones will become interested in everything around them as they begin to interact with the outside world). Every form of stimulus will provide a fresh revelation. This holds true for touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight. Playtime for babies is more rewarding and fun when there are colourful, safe, and tactile objects available.


With this checklist, you can let out that breath you’re holding and know that you have everything ready for your little one.  

Being a new mum can be as rewarding as it is challenging. Do not forget to take some time for yourself – remember, you are able to be more attentive and available to your baby when you do not neglect yourself!

If you are looking for high-quality online baby essentials in Singapore, check out the baby closet’s extensive curated collection of organic, eco-friendly and non-toxic products that are 100% safe and gentle for your baby’s sensitive and delicate skin.

Ready to check off all the must-have items from your ultimate baby essential checklist? Browse our collections today!



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