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Nappy Pad Kit in White


Our 8 Pack of Nappy Pads are an essential item for your reusable nappy journey. Featuring 6x daytime and 2x nighttime pads, this pack is a great option to begin on your reusable nappy journey, or build on your current nappy rotation for your little one.

Nighttime pads have one extra layer than the daytime pads making them more absorbent, perfect for sleep or longer periods of time.

  • Feature a sun and moon embroidery to easily differentiate between day and night pads
  • Absorbent to catch leakages
  • Also available in daytime absorbency
  • Available in 2 sizes to match our Nappy Pants
  • 100% certified organic cotton outer and 100% absorbent polyester inner

To use our Nappy Pads, simply insert one of our daytime or nighttime pads into our Reusable Nappy Pant, and change your little one as normal.

Cotton reaches best absorbency after a few washes. Due to this, we recommend you prewash your nappy pads a few times before use.

How many nappy pads do I need?

This depends on how often you are changing your little one. Our 8Pack of nappy pads are a great option for an entire day (6 daytime, 2 nighttime), and you may need up to 4 days worth of liners (at least 32 liners) to keep you going. This number may be less or more, depending on how often you are changing your little one and washing your nappies.

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