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Reusable Nappy Pant in Bumble Bee


We need to reimagine the way we think about organic, sustainable baby essentials. And one of the key is eliminating the use of disposable nappies in the long run. We are so excited to bring in Reusable Nappies by Purebaby. Our reusable Nappy Pant is the perfect option to begin on your reusable nappy journey, or build on your current nappy rotation for your little one. Our reusable nappies are made from certified organic cotton, perfect for delicate young skin.

  • Double elasticated barrier on the legs to assist in preventing leakages
  • Our nappies contain a terry towelling inner layer which is coated in a nontoxic, waterproof layer of PU (Polyurethane), to assist in preventing leakages.
  • Adjustable snaps to allow for easy changing and won’t get caught on your baby's delicate skin. With multiple snaps, you can adjust the size of the nappy to keep your baby comfortable as they grow.
  • Made from certified organic cotton to protect delicate young skin.
  • Available in two sizes (0000000 and 0000)

Nappy pads sold separately

If you are choosing to purely use reusable cloth nappies, we recommend you have at least 8 to 10 nappy pants in your rotation. If you wish to use a combination of reusable and disposable nappies, simply reduce this number. Every baby is different, so your little one may need more or less than what we recommend.

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