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Rabbit Ear Teether (Navy)

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The Purebaby baby teether features a wooden teething ring adorned with cotton knitted fabric, creating adorable rabbit ears in an appealing navy color. This handheld teething ring is expertly designed for babies to explore, play with, and chew on during their teething phase, offering soothing relief for their sensitive gums. Its endearing appearance naturally captures a baby's attention and can be a comforting presence to calm a crying baby.

The wooden ring is thoughtfully sized to fit tiny hands perfectly, promoting easy gripping and aiding in the development of their grip strength. Crafted entirely from 100% beech wood, it provides a secure and natural solution for your child's teething needs, prioritizing their safety and comfort.

The rabbit ear teether is suitable for both newborns and babies, making it an ideal choice as a gift for baby showers and 100-day celebrations.

P.S. Pouch may not be included, depending on stock availability.
Ring Made from 100% Beech Wood

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