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Here's Why All New Mummies Need A Portable Changing Mat

Here's Why All New Mummies Need A Portable Changing Mat

Among the long list of baby essentials all new mummies need to check off their list, changing essentials are undoubtedly up there. In fact, it should come as no surprise that babies require changing multiple times a day! While older babies typically require changing 6 to 8 times daily, newborns may require 10 to 12 changes.

Given the frequency of diaper changes, you will want to ensure that you invest in the right products to make this process as seamless, fuss-free and comfortable for your little one as possible. And that is where a portable changing mat comes in.

For many new mummies like you, the question of whether a portable changing mat is really necessary often comes to mind. The simple answer? A big resounding yes!

But if you need a little more convincing, keep on reading as we explore the benefits of portable changing mats.

What is a portable changing mat?

A baby changing pad is, as the name suggests, a cushioned surface made specifically for diaper changing times. Essentially, it is an additional layer of cushioning that you place on the surface that you are changing your little one’s diaper on.

A portable changing mat is – you guessed it – a changing pad that allows you to change your baby’s nappy anytime, anywhere – even when you are out and about! Besides, since you have no control over when your little one goes to the potty, this indispensable tool will surely come in handy.

Here are some of the main benefits of portable changing mats

1. Keeps your little one comfortable

Naturally, the comfort of your newborn comes first. A portable changing mat will keep your baby comfortable with its soft yet firm material. This is especially so if you select an organic changing pad made from organic cotton. Organic cotton is the ideal choice for babies since it is free of chemicals that may be harmful to your little one’s delicate skin.

Because let’s face it – the last thing you would want is your little one crying and wriggling around whilst you are trying to change their nappy!

2. Makes family day-outs and travels that much easier

Don’t let diaper changing time stop you from embarking on exciting family day-outs and weekend trips away from home.

Say goodbye to worrying about soiled linens while staying over with friends for the day or not having access to nursing rooms. With a portable changing mat, all you really need are your diaper changing supplies and a flat surface – it really does not get better than this!

The cherry on top of the cake? Most portable changing mats may be easily rolled up or folded for compact storage in a nursery bag, so you don’t have to worry about lugging around something bulky and inconvenient.

3. Ensures you always have a clean changing surface

In a well-developed country like Singapore, most establishments are baby-friendly – offering comfortable nursing rooms with functional diaper changing stations.

However, given the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it is not uncommon for parents to think twice before laying their baby on the diaper changing bed. You do not know how dirty and unhygienic these diaper changing stations are – after all, they are for public use!

Instead, by rolling out a portable changing pad on the public changing station, you may protect your little one from microscopic germs and bacteria. Moreover, your baby will likely feel less anxious while laying on a fresh and clean cushioned surface while having their diaper changed in an unfamiliar environment.


Undoubtedly, having a portable changing mat has a lot of advantages, all of which have the potential to improve the quality of your daily life as a new mummy. Ultimately, the advantages of having a changing pad for your baby are clearly worth the relatively low cost of purchasing one, so we would recommend that you start looking at your potential options now!

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