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Baby’s First Step: How Pre-walkers Help Babies Learn To Walk

Baby’s First Step: How Pre-walkers Help Babies Learn To Walk

All parents can probably agree with the fact that a baby’s first step is a huge milestone worth celebrating. Indeed, as your child begins learning how to walk, you’d likely be incredibly thrilled.

In the midst of all that excitement, it is crucial to not forget about equipping your little one with the right tools to ensure that their first steps will be setting them up for success. That’s right, we are talking about baby shoes and pre-walkers!

Pre-walkers and baby shoes are essential for a baby’s comfort and early growth. They help your baby learn to walk and reinforce positive good walking patterns by supporting their feet. As a baby learns to walk, pre-walkers offer support, comfort, and protection for their feet.

What are pre-walkers?

Pre-walkers are the first pair of shoes for babies. They are intended for babies who are learning to take their first steps. Pre-walkers are often flexible and soft, allowing babies to develop a sense of balance and grip.

When do babies need shoes?

Generally, there is no specific age for when your baby would need shoes, but a good gauge is to hold off until they can walk or show signs of wanting to be up and about.

Typically, babies begin taking their first steps between 8 to 18 months. However, it is worth noting that this is just a general milestone guide, and when your baby begins walking is entirely up to them – remember, no two babies are the same!

What to look out for when searching for baby shoes

1. Size

Selecting the appropriate size when buying baby shoes or pre-walkers is vital. It is important that the shoes are comfortable but not too loose, as this can lead to tripping and falling. In order for your baby to sense the ground and develop their balance, the shoes should also allow their feet to move freely.

Additionally, it is essential to keep in mind that babies grow quickly. Thus, it would be best to either buy baby shoes that are a little bigger than your baby’s current size, or one with a round toe for their growing feet.

2. Material

The material that baby shoes and pre-walkers are made of is another factor to take into account. We would recommend choosing shoes made from leather, as they are strong, flexible and allow your baby’s feet to breathe. Moreover, they’re perfect for everyday wear since they can be cleaned easily.

3. Soles

Pre-walkers can also come with various soles, from those with softer soles to those with tougher soles. It is imperative to pick one that suits your baby’s needs. A soft-soled shoe will be ideal if your baby is just learning to walk. On the other hand, if your baby is already walking and requires extra support, a shoe with a harder sole might be a better option.


In conclusion, baby shoes and pre-walkers are essential for a baby’s comfort and early growth. It is crucial to select baby shoes that are the proper size, material, and style for your baby’s requirements. By taking into account these factors, you can be certain that your baby’s feet are well-cared for, enabling them to learn to walk confidently!

Check out Purebaby’s Leather T-Bars offered on the baby closet for stylish yet comfortable pre-walkers. These pre-walkers feature a soft suede sole and comfortable round toe to ensure that your baby is able to develop their grip and flexibility comfortably. Moreover, they come with a Velcro closure and back loop, making them incredibly easy to put on and get off. Having been tested according to the safety guidelines on the concentration of chemicals, you may rest assured that these pre-walkers will be able to protect your little one’s feet as they begin taking their first steps.

Besides these, the baby closet also offers various online baby essentials – from children’s organic clothing to muslin swaddle blankets in Singapore and more. We are the place to go when you’re looking to check off your baby essential checklist and purchase high-quality, eco-friendly and sustainable products for your little one.

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