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Parenting Tips 101: How To Soothe Your Crying Baby

Parenting Tips 101: How To Soothe Your Crying Baby

Though it is common knowledge that crying and babies go hand in hand, it can still feel incredibly overwhelming when your little one is getting worked up. Especially when you seem to have tried everything. Feeding, cuddling, swaddling and changing – you name it, you’ve tried it. Nothing seems to calm your little one down.

It is normal for parents to feel a sense of helplessness when their baby is crying uncontrollably. After all, despite the fact that all parents are superheroes, we are human at the end of the day.

We have compiled a list of some parenting tips that would undoubtedly prove useful in soothing your crying baby. Interested in learning more? Keep on reading!

1. Take a deep breath and keep calm

The first step in soothing a crying baby is to approach the process as gently as you can. Remember: getting worked up will only make things more stressful for both of you! So, take a deep breath and recognise the importance of remaining as cool as a cucumber.

2. Offer your baby something to suck on

Babies frequently comfort themselves by sucking on objects. Oftentimes, these objects aren’t food – meaning that though it doesn’t fill their bellies, it does aid in quieting their anxiety. Your baby’s tummy will relax, their limbs will stop flailing, and their heart rate will be stabilised by sucking.

Thus, you might want to consider offering your little one a pacifier. A silicone teething toy can also be a good option, especially if your baby is approaching the age when teething is expected.

3. Put on some white noise or music

Babies are soothed by white noise, which creates a cosy, womb-like environment that helps them stop crying and go to sleep more quickly. If you don’t own a white noise machine, try switching on the washing machine or vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can also do a quick search online for a white noise playlist.

Besides white noise, music has also been proven to be effective in soothing crying babies. Play some of your child’s favourite music or sing them a lullaby. Try out various musical genres to see what your child enjoys!

4. Head outside for some fresh air

Just like how a change of scenery can greatly improve our moods, the same can work wonders for cranky babies. Whether it is simply stepping out onto the balcony or perhaps taking a walk around the block, the light, fresh air, new sights, sounds and smells will help to calm your baby down.

5. Create a distraction

Even young babies might become bored, which may lead to them being cranky. Try narrating your actions to your child while making amusing noises and using lively facial expressions to keep them engaged. Additionally, you may read a book with rhymes or demonstrate how their toys jingle and spin.


Nobody can stand watching someone cry nonstop, especially if they are already running on little to no sleep. Even with the unconditional love you have for your little one, it's normal to become frustrated by their continuous crying. Hopefully, the 5 tips mentioned above prove helpful in helping soothe your baby.

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